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We are a small family owned and operated company that assists every family with the utmost respect and compassion.


  • AquaGreen Dispositions LLC is the first and only "Flameless Cremation" Facility in Illinois.
  • We are considered the experts and advisors for Flameless Cremation.
  • Our founder is an Illinois Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer.  He dedicated many years researching and working with numerous professionals to bring Flameless Cremation to Illinois.
  • Families have the option to prepay their Flameless Cremation locking in today's prices.
  • Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Satisfaction Guarantee!  If your family is not satisfied with the services provided at the time of need and they notify us and we cannot resolve the concern to their satisfaction, AquaGreen will refund the money paid for that specific service.  


For years families have mainly been offered two options for final disposition - burial or flame cremation.  AquaGreen offers a new innovative "GREENER"option - Flameless Cremation.  Our trained and licensed staff are here to help you when your loved one passes away.   





AquaGreen Dispositions LLC
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1514 E 168th St
South Holland, IL 60473

Phone: 708 606 0211

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or call Ryan Cattoni, Owner & Licensed Funeral Director 
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AquaGreen Dispositions LLC is a Flameless Cremation Facility and offers affordable Direct Flameless Cremation to the public. We are the chosen Flameless Cremation provider for all funeral homes in the Midwest. If you are interested in a traditional wake and funeral service, Flameless Cremation is available through your local funeral home. All rights reserved