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Flameless Cremation Now Available in Illinois

What Is Flameless Cremation?

A Gentle Environmentally Friendly Method of Disposition for you or your Loved One

Flameless Cremation uses WATER instead of fire and is a new alternative to burial or flame cremation.  The scientific name for Flameless Cremation is alkaline hydrolysis which is essentially an accelerated form of natural decomposition.  A combination of gentle water flow, temperature, and alkalinity are used to accelerate the natural course of breakdown accomplished by our eco-system at the end of life. 


Ash remains are returned to the family in the same manner as with flame cremation, however, the ash is lighter in color because it is clean and without carbon discoloration.

Trusted institutions have chosen this process for bodies donated to medical science for many years. The Department of Anatomy at MAYO Clinic has been using alkaline hydrolysis since 2006 because the sterile process prevents the release of emissions and helps protect the earth's natural resources.

This new innovative process is now available to the general public as an end of life option.  End of life choice is a personal decision and AquaGreen offers families a gentle environmentally friendly green cremation option.

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AquaGreen Dispositions LLC is a flameless cremation facility and offers affordable Direct Flameless Cremation to the public. We are the chosen Flameless Cremation provider for all funeral homes in the Midwest, so if you are interested in a traditional wake and funeral service, Flameless Cremation is available through your local funeral home.